World Tour for iOS

You've had fun exploring the world away from home. Now relive those memories and share them with your friends—any time, any place.

Remember where you've been.
World Tour shows the places you've visited on a map just like your device's Maps application. But the pins on this map aren't local coffee shops—they're places you've visited around the country and the world.

Explore the map just like you're used to.
Zoom out to see the whole world, or focus in on one area and drag the map around to see the lay of the land.

Add places with ease.
Type the name of the city. World Tour will look it up and drop a new pin on the map. It'll even correct your capitalization and spelling.

Keep notes at hand.
Did you spend New Years' in New York? Have a great waffle in Belgium? Type in anything you want to remember about a place and World Tour will remember it for you.

Add your photos…
Add a photo from your device's photo library, take a new one with the camera, or copy and paste them from another app—even a dozen or more at a time! World Tour will attach them to your city.

…and browse them later.
Scroll through thumbnails of your photos, then tap one to view it larger. Zoom, pan, then flick to the next one. World Tour's photo library works just like your Photos app, except that each photo is kept with the place you took it.