Translate for Mac

Finally you can read that gibberish.

Most of the world doesn't speak your language, but sometimes you want to listen. Stumbled across an article in German? Customer sent you an email in French? Found a weird photo captioned in Japanese? Translate can show you what you're missing.

Fifty-five of the world's languages at your fingertips.

Translate supports 55 languages, from Arabic to Yiddish. It will even automatically detect the language of the text you want to translate—perfect if you can't tell Greek from Russian. Supported languages →

Two clicks to translate.

Select text in almost any window and Control-click—Translate is right there in the menu. It doesn't get more convenient than that. You can use the Services menu or drop text on the icon, too. Or launch Translate and type into the window—it's your choice.

Many languages, many texts.

You can easily keep several translation windows open simultaneously. Or click the plus button at the bottom of a window, and Translate will let you translate your text into two (or more!) languages simultaneously.