Help for Margins for iOS

I'm adding a book with an X in the ISBN. Where's the X key?

There isn't one, but Margins can tell if an ISBN should end with an X, and should add it automatically. (If it doesn't, or it does when it shouldn't, make sure you've typed the first nine digits correctly.)

Can Margins use MLA or APA citations when emailing?

Margins does include sufficient bibliographic information for a human to prepare either type of citation, but it can't do so automatically; it doesn't know enough about the authors' names to do it properly (for example, it can't tell where one author's name ends and another begins). However, we're looking at ways to improve this situation.

Can Margins search all books for a specific keyword?

Yes! Scroll to the top of the book list and tap the search box to enter a search term. You can search inside a single book's notes, too!

Can you add a widescreen keyboard to Margins to make typing easier?

We're looking into it, but it's actually surprisingly difficult to design the notes screen so that a decent amount of content is visible in landscape!

Can Margins notes be exported? Can Margins sync to a web or desktop application?

Currently, Margins can email the notes and bibliography information for a single book—just email it to your own address and you'll be set. We're looking into more sophisticated export and sync features.

I don't like the fonts Margins uses. Can I change them?

Yes, you can! Open your device's Settings app, then find Margins in the list at the bottom and tap on it. You'll see two settings, "Quote Font" and "Comment Font," that you can adjust. There are four fonts available:

Are you thinking about bringing Margins to the iPad?

We think Margins would be an excellent fit for the iPad, but it deserves a thorough rethinking to fit the platform. Keep an eye out for news about this.

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