Screenshots for Converter Neue for iOS 7

The main screen of Converter 7. At the top, a large display shows "100 cm"; below it, another large display shows "39.3701″". A button above the first display reads "Centimeters", and one below the second reads "Inches". Ten icons in two rows at the bottom read "Length", "Weight", "Temperature", "Currency", "Speed", "Area", "Time", "Volume", "Data", and "About".

Editing an amount. At the very top of the screen, "six fluid ounces" is small and de-emphasized, while "zero and three over four cups" is larger. Below that, a calculator keypad can be used to edit the amount, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fractions.

Currency conversion screen—fifteen U.S. dollar equals nine point three nine pound sterling.

Unit picker in the Currencies category. Most of the screen is showing a list of available currencies; the list is about eight screens long.

Converter Neue with ads enabled. A small ad is visible at the top of the screen, above the first conversion. Ads can be removed with an inexpensive in-app purchase.