Screenshots for Converter for iOS

A button labeled "Centimeters" lists the first unit, and a larger button labeled "one hundred centimeters" lists the amount in that unit. Below those, another large button labeled "thirty-nine point three seven zero one inches" lists the amount in the second unit, and below that, a small button labeled "Inches" lists that unit. At the bottom, two rows of icons list different conversion categories: Length, Weight, Temperature, Currency, and Speed in the first row; Area, Time, Volume, Data, and About in the second row.

A conversion in the Weight section has slid aside to reveal a list of selectable units: Kilograms, Pounds, Stones, Grams, Milligrams, Ounces, Troy Ounces, Metric Tonnes, U.S. Tons, and more. Below, "3 lbs. 6 oz." is written in relatively small, gray text.

In large text, a display says "0 3/4 cups"; a blue button below it says "U.S. Cups", and a smaller display above says "6 fl.oz.". The bottom half of the screen shows a calculator keypad with the digits zero through nine, a decimal button, a backspace button, plus, minus, times, and divide buttons, a fraction button, and an equals button. In the bottom right corner, a large blue button says "Done".

A currency converter shows "$100.00" and "£73.58" in large text. Above the first amount, a button says "U.S. Dollar"; below the second, a button says "Pound Sterling".

An iPad in landscape mode edits a conversion. On the left, dimmed out, large text says "141.622 km/h", and a button below says "Kilometers per Hour". On the right, bright blue, large text says "88 mph" and a button below says "Miles per hour". The bottom half of the screen shows a keypad with plus, minus, times, and divide buttons on the left, the digits zero to nine, a decimal point, and a backspace in the middle, and an equals button, a fraction button, and a large "Done" button on the right.