Welcome to Architechies

Architechies builds apps for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. We aim to create intuitive, useful tools to make your life easier. We think those tools should look and act like the applications that come with your device, and should be as well thought out as the best of them. And we believe that every app should work every time in every circumstance and for everyone.

What We Make

Convert between measurements, currencies, and time units without thinking—or squinting.
Understand the unintelligible.

And more...

Who We Are

[Photo of a nerdy-looking dude in a blue hoodie who probably doesn't get enough sun] Architechies apps are designed and written by Brent Royal-Gordon, a Californian in his late twenties. He spends a remarkable amount of time at Starbucks. When not bending Apple devices to his will, Brent enjoys reading, armchair economics, progressive rock and metal music, and an occasional ice hockey game.

Brent handles all Architechies programming and most design. Some icons in Architechies apps are designed by Glyphish, and Japanese translations are done by Katriel Paige. A broad cast of colleagues, friends and family provide design critiques and usability tests.